«Я люблю сумасшедших, таких, которые бешено хотят жить, бешено хотят говорить, бешено хотят спастись, которые хотят иметь всё сразу, которые никогда не зевают и никогда не говорят пошлостей, а всегда горят, горят, горят...»

When the evening falls and the daylight is fading, From within me calls — could it be I am sleeping? For a moment I stray, then it holds me completely. Close to home — I cannot say. Close to home feeling so far away. As I walk there before me a shadow From another world, where no other can follow. Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over… Close to home — I cannot say. Close to home feeling so far away. Forever searching; never right, I am lost In oceans of night. Forever Hoping I can find memories. Those memories I left behind. Even though I leave will I go on believing That this time is real — am I lost in this feeling? Like a child passing through, never knowing the reason. I am home — I know the way. I am home — feeling oh, so far away… 

May it be an evening star Shines down upon you, May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true, You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home… Darkness has come. Believe and you will find your way. Darkness has fallen… A promise lives within you now. May it be the shadows call Will fly away, May it be you journey on To light the day, When the night is overcome You may rise to find the sun. (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way (darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now...

I walk the maze of moments But everywhere I turn to Begins a new beginning, But never finds a finish… I walk to the horizon And there I find another, It all seems so surprising And then I find that I know. You go there you're gone forever, I go there I'll lose my way, If we stay here we're not together Anywhere is… The moon upon the ocean Is swept around in motion, But without ever knowing The reason for its flowing In motion on the ocean The moon still keeps on moving, The waves still keep on waving And I still keep on going… I wonder if the stars sign The life that is to be mine And would they let their light shine Enough for me to follow… I look up to the heavens But night has clouded over, No spark of constellation, No Vela no Orion. The shells upon the warm sands Have taken from their own lands The echo of their story But all I hear are low sounds As pillow words are weaving And willow waves are leaving, But should I be believing That I am only dreaming To leave the thread of all time And let it make a dark line In hopes that I can still find The way back to the moment… I took the turn and turned to Begin a new beginning, Still looking for the answer I cannot find the finish, It's either this or that way, It's one way or the other, It should be one direction, It could be on reflection… The turn I have just taken, The turn that I was making I might be just beginning I might be near the end...

Нет, я не требую вниманья
На грустный бред души моей,
Не открывать свои желанья
Привыкнул я с давнишних дней.
Пишу, пишу рукой небрежной
Чтоб здесь чрез много
Скучных лет, От жизни краткой,
Но мятежной Какой нибудь
Остался След...

Я похожа сейчас на
Тончайшую вазу
Только тронь посильней,
И осколков не счесть,
И рассыпется жизнь,
Как мозаика, Сразу,
На цветные кусочки
И тонкую жесть...
Дай чуть-чуть подышать,
Не отталкивай руки,
Что протянуты к солнцу
С последней мольбой,
И сведённых бровей
Две звенящих излуки
Успокой, унеся их страданья
С собой...